24.7 have implemented performance improvement schemes over the past 10
years and recently developed a software solution that allows us to build a pay
related scheme from warehouse information.

In essence, we look to improve the performance and in so doing incentive’s the
pickers. This is driven by using the pence per case as the measure of
improvement. It is clear that if we reduce the PPC for the operation that there is a
financial benefit to the site.

Experience has shown us that these schemes have delivered significant savings to
the sites where they have been applied.


Optimise is a productivity based cost saving model complemented by our in-house developed software (app), shop-floor facing management support and performance coaching.

Optimise significantly reduces labour costs by charging and paying on cases
(units) picked and not on traditional hourly margin.

In simple terms, Optimise:

• Links worker pay to units picked (accurately) so retention and productivity increases

• Reduces time taken to pick same volume

• Reduces indirect costs to site such as MHE, H&S issues etc. as fewer workers
are used to process the required volume

• Site saves on agency hours used to process same volume (or allows to process more volume for same hours)