5 Sites to Create An Awesome Infographic Resume

No doubt you’ve seen an infographic or similar alternative resume floating around the internet. This has become a staple for people in design, illustration, and marketing fields, but even job seekers in less traditionally creative fields have started using them to help navigate the ever-competitive job search. Why, you may wonder. That’s easy: They’re cool to look at. Who wouldn’t want his or her accomplishments cushioned in visual bling?

The Case for an Infographic Resume
It takes only seconds to skim. And, if it’s done properly, it can actually make a recruiter want to read your longer traditional resume. Infographics take the best “data” on you and put it front and center.

This visually stunning document also makes it easy to answer the common questions that both recruiters and hiring managers tend to have: How many years of experience do you have? What are your strongest skills? What do you do?

One of the other awesome things is that it can be used in a variety of ways: posted on your LinkedIn profile, as an attachment to a networking email, or even in place of a cover letter.

As long as you can point, click, and type, you can create this type of resume.

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