Twenty-Four Seven Recruitment Services Ltd are a UK National provider of staffing services to the Warehousing, Logistics and Manufacturing sectors.  Our gender pay gap data is made up of industrial temp staff on assignment with clients along with salaried management and support staff.

The pay rates for the workers on assignment are fixed by the client and are based on the role performed irrespective of gender.  Much of this work is paid at National Minimum Wage or just above.  The gender split within the workers supplied to clients on assignment is 80% male 20% female.  Within the management and administrative functions, where employees are salaried we have a gender split of 55% male and 45% female across a variety of job functions from basic administration up to Managing Director.  It is however clear that of the senior management team (area managers and above) which totals 15 employees, only 27% of these are female.

Our results show that the gender pay gap (Average pay-mean) across the entire business is 10.72%, mainly due to the higher proportion of male employees in senior roles within the business.

The earnings of workers on assignment is restricted by the client and the individual ability of the worker to progress into a higher level role.  However, these roles are not readily available and would only benefit a small proportion of workers based on merit and performance.  Where a pay rate increase is secured, this is implemented across all workers on the same assignment irrespective of gender.  With respect to control over earning potential of salaried staff, this is purely based on individual performance and success within their role, ultimately leading to progression and increased salary.  Workers in similar roles, whether male or female may have salary differentials depending on previous performance and responsibilities.

We strive to make opportunities available to employees irrespective of gender and will work to continually improve our gender pay gap.  Further results will be published in April 2019 as required by the government initiative on equal pay.


2016 Findings:


1 Average gender pay gap as a mean average   10.72%
2 Average gender pay gap as a median average   0.00%
3 Average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average   0.00%
4 Average bonus gender pay gap as a median average   0.00%
5 Proportion of male/female employees in the four banded pay groups Male Female
  Upper quartile 62.69% 37.31%
  Upper Middle quartile 73.13% 26.87%
  Lower Middle quartile 46.27% 53.73%
  Lower quartile 26.47% 73.53%

2017 Findings

  Lower Quartile   Lower Middle Quartile   Upper Middle Quartile   Upper Quartile  
Male 40.00   38.89   65.45   65.45  
Female 60.00   61.11   34.55   34.55  


  Average Pay (Mean)   Average Pay (Median)   Average Bonus (Mean)   Average Bonus (Median)   Bonus Paid To
Male £10.43   £8.68   £0.00   £0.00   £0.00
Female £9.47   £8.00   £0.00   £0.00   £0.00
Difference 9.2%   7.8%   0.0%   0.0%   0.0%
Quartile Bands                  
  Lower Quartile   Lower Middle Quartile   Upper Middle Quartile   Upper Quartile    
Male 36.36   50.91   56.36   64.81    
Female 63.64   49.09   43.64   35.19